Emma G: The Superhero Tour

There once was a hero named Emma G, who dared to venture around the United States of America in search for a superhero.

Is it you?

Emma G is proud and excited to embark on a sixteen date tour across the United States of America with accompaniment from accomplished percussionist Joey J Drums and DJ Reality Check during their SUPERHERO tour!

SUPERHERO was written in response to the growing tensions in America during the 2016 election with a noticeable increase of racial conflict within the United States. There has to be a better way. But have no fear! A superhero is coming! And if YOU decide to be your own kind of superhero; by choosing love and compassion over racism and bigotry; that SUPERHERO might just be you!

With support from local acts around the country, this is set to be an incredible tour with merch and music available for sale!


Special guests include: Bellweather Bayou (DC), Planet Nine (DC), Rosie Cima and What She Dreamed (DC), Springbrooke (Philadelphia), YellowTieGuy (DC), Brian Elliot (Philadelphia), Charlotte Morris (NYC), Brian Falduto (NYC), The Darkest Timeline (NYC and DC), Hambone (Portland), Neon Gypsy (Portland), Marcus Kaplan of The Youngerbloods (Portland), Tiffany Harmon (Memphis), Kimia P (Dallas), Stephen Evans (Asheville) and Tommy Yon (Asheville).

For specific event information, head over to the EVENTS tab, or email Emma G via the CONTACT page.

See you soon, superheroes!

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Emma Amiri-Ghaemmaghamy