ERMAGERD! I'm STILL buzzing!!!

It's almost a week later, and I'm STILL on cloud 9 after the INSANE release party and show on Saturday alongside Jonny Grave and Uptown Boys Choir at Dangerously Delicious Pies!

First of all, to everyone who came along; from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!
To Jonny and Uptown Boys Choir; THANK YOU for being so damn supportive. If you haven't checked out these bands yet; do it. They're insanely good for the earholes. 
To anyone who hasn't yet been to Dangerously Delicious Pies; it's an incredible music venue, and has the BEST ruddy pies!! (Highly recommend the chocolate and coconut!!)

BUT - even better - the fantastic sound engineer, Nelson, was able to premier the music video for SUPERHERO publicly at the show!



Emma Amiri-Ghaemmaghamy
A Superhero is coming...

A Superhero is coming!!!

And it might be you!

As you may know, I was recently privileged to speak at a youth camp about my upcoming single SUPERHERO, where I asked them what their definition of asuperhero was. The responses were great!

- Someone who puts others before themselves
- A brave person who always fights for what's right
- Someone who is kind and good

We've got some smart kids up in the DMV!! 

My definition is someone who fights bigotry and hatred with love and compassion. Undoubtedly, in today's climate, you'll agree that this is something we need NOW more than ever! So I'm thrilled to be working with The Everyday Weekend on the upcoming music video for the re-recorded, mixed and mastered song SUPERHERO, which will make for quite the exciting video!

Especially as it'll be featuring this young thing!

So make sure you keep September 29th FREE for the official release of SUPERHERO in an exclusive show alongside JONNY GRAVE and UPTOWN BOYS CHOIR at - yes, you guessed it - DANGEROUSLY DELICIOUS PIES!!

(Okay, I know you weren't actually thinking THAT was where the show was going to be, but I'm just saying... it's gonna be pretty epic!!)

Thanks, of course, to all of my patrons for helping with this music video! I couldn't do it without you!! You can join the team too - for as little as $1 - and if you sign up for $5 or more over the next ten days, you'll get a FREE SUPERHERO T-SHIRT!!!


Easy as that!

Emma Amiri-Ghaemmaghamy
SOLD (Take a Shot) Official Video

It’s finally here!

Emma G’s second official music video for SOLD (Take a Shot) has arrived – unfortunately coinciding with the recent discovery of Harvey Weinstein and the numerous allegations of sexual assault and power games, specifically in the entertainment industry.

This song was written, recorded and filmed in direct response to Emma G’s experience with a well known A&R for a record label in Los Angeles, who offered to sign her in exchange for naked pictures… plus some.

To check out the full music video, head to Emma G’s Facebook page HERE!

ALL ROADS LEAD HOME Tour starts now!

I’m excited to announce that I’m now in New Zealand, and about to embark on my ALL ROADS LEAD TO HOME tour in celebration of my debut solo album “Taking Flight”!


And for a sneaky peek at the new album, CHECK IT OUT HERE!!

See you in a week, Aotearoa!