Together We Rise New Zealand Tour

In the last two years since her last NZ tour “All Roads Lead to Home”, Raglan-born singer/songwriter Emma G has been climbing from strength to strength in the US of A.

From being dubbed Washingtonian Magazine’s “Best of DC” to playing the Kennedy Center, New York City’s “Rockwood Music Hall” and Washington DC’s Fourth of July parade, Emma G has just recently completed her first 23-date nationwide US tour with her Band of Misfits, and is bringing back her new developed and even more empowering sound home to the shores of Aotearoa in August.

“We released Superhero in September last year,” says Emma G. “but with the recent addition of my band: Joey J Drums and DJ Reality Check, my sound has evolved even further, and so much has kind of fallen into place with this new progressive electronic, soul, pop-rock sound we got going on!”

Emma G is not wrong. Her audience now covers over 16 states, and continues to grow as SUPERHERO starts making its way around the film festival circuit in the United States, and her newest, soon-to-be-released single Together We Rise is featured in a new documentary-style film “The Weight of Success”, also doing the film festival circuit, and is currently up for an academy award.

“I’m so excited about Together We Rise,” Emma G explains. “Not only does the song tie in, and follow up with the themes of Superhero – with messages of compassion, empowerment, and teamwork, but it’s the perfect song to come back to New Zealand with, as the woman who inspired the song [Dr Angela Lauria of The Author Incubator, who commissioned Emma G to write Together We Rise in 2018] has a strong connection to the land of the long white cloud.”

You can catch Emma G and her Band of Misfits at one of twelve shows scattered around New Zealand during the “Together We Rise New Zealand Tour”.

For full tour details and information, go to or @EmmaGmusic on social media. LISTEN:


August 23: The Dogs Bollix, Auckland w/ Shepherds Reign, Shae Snell and Abbie

August 25: The Portland Public House, Auckland

August 27: Nivara Lounge, Hamilton w/ Shepherds Reign and Emily Riordan

August 28: The Paisley Stage, Napier w/ Ivy Blue and The Munros

August 29: The Hop Garden, Mt Victoria, Wellington

August 30: Sprig and Fern, Tinakori Rd, Wellington

August 31: Roots Bar, Takaka

September 1: Monsoon Bar, Franz Josef

September 3: Lalaland Lounge Bar, Wanaka

September 4: Fitzpatricks Irish Pub, Wanaka

September 5: Dog with Two Tails, Dunedin

September 6: Darkroom, Christchurch

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Emma G: behind the busking

Emma G recently caught up with PhD in photography student Antonino Gugliotta to discuss life behind making music, touring, and busking.

“Emma is also a professional musician, so she often goes on tour. Whenever she goes to a city she’s never been to before, she enjoys busking as it shows her more how things are around there. Her favorite “game” to play is to smile at people and make eye contact to see how they respond. “Everyone avoids each other in this city, [...] and I just want them to have a good day.” Emma has played very important gigs, such as playing for the Prime Minister of New Zealand, playing at the Department of Defense, and performing at the Kennedy Center. “I didn’t get nervous when I played at the Kennedy Center, ‘cause I didn’t realize what the Kennedy Center was,” she told me accompanied by a laugh.”

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GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY: The Indie Touring Workshop

Are you an indie artist?

Have you got the talent, but are unsure how to do the whole "touring" thing?

Have you tried to organize a tour, gotten overwhelmed and given up?

Or have you actually BEEN on tour, but came home broke and feeling like it's a hopeless venture?

Internationally touring indie artist Emma G presents: the DIY indie touring workshop GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY: The A-Z guide on branding, booking, marketing, staying healthy, and - most importantly - making a profit while on the road.
The workshop will take place in the stunning Author Castle, McLean, VA. Parking available, and shuttle options tbc.

See the premises HERE:

four hour long workshop will concentrate on:

- Goal Setting and Branding
- Routing
- Marketing
- How to make the most of your show
- Getting paid
- Avoiding burnout
and much more!
At the end of the workshop, participants will walk away with:
- a touring blueprint
- dialogue and email templates
- swipe files for social media
- an EPK template

Early bird registration: $50 until June 15, 2019
Registration: $75


Who is Emma G? Washington DC-based, New Zealand-born singer/songwriter Emma G is a combination of Pink, Amy Winehouse, Natalie Merchant, and Sia, and has been a successfully touring musician for almost ten years; both in her home country of New Zealand with her old band Static Era, and - most recently - as a solo artist. Having moved to the United States in mid-2015, Emma G has planned and executed four successful tours around the country in just under four years. She now wants to share her insight on how YOU can do this too!


The Author Incubator, 22101

Emma G brings her Superhero tour to Asheville

“I’ve always been one of those people waving my freak flag,” says singer-songwriter and musician Emma Ghaemmaghamy, aka Emma G. The Washington, D.C.-based artist (by way of New Zealand) was born with health issues that led to numerous surgeries, “so I’ve always been a little bit weird anyway. … I’ve always been the person who sees the beauty in being truly, authentically yourself and celebrating your weirdness.”


That spirit of authenticity is on display in Emma G’s new single, “Superhero,” from her most recent album, Taking Flight. On the companion video, a young, aspiring busker is heckled by an angry adult who doesn’t appreciate raw talent. Emma G, striding through a city in a sparkling dress, sings, “If I could free you from this burden, I would / If I could make you feel deserving of everything good,” while clips of rebel flags, police brutality and civil unrest flash across the screen.

Emma G and her band (percussionist Joey J and DJ Reality Check) are currently on tour in support of this single and another, “Smile,” set to drop in May. They play The Crow & Quill on Friday, April 12, and will swing back through Asheville, for a stop at ZaPow Gallery, on Friday, April 26. “I love Asheville. I [have family] in Asheville, and every time I go there I just love the place more and more,” she says. 

- Alli Marshall

Emma Amiri-Ghaemmaghamy
Emma G: Overcoming bigotry through music

Fiery new talent Emma G is traveling the United States of America in celebration of her latest single SUPERHERO!

Joined by Joey J Drums and DJ Reality Check, Emma G will be visiting 16 cities across the country in the pursuit of empowering America to be their own kind of superhero; by choosing love and compassion over racism and bigotry.

Check out their new and improved sound - and make sure to stop by New York City’s Rockwood Music Hall to be part of the live recording for their new EP, or pre-order a copy of their next record (thanks to Leesta Val Records) here:

Emma Amiri-Ghaemmaghamy
Emma G: The Superhero Tour

There once was a hero named Emma G, who dared to venture around the United States of America in search for a superhero.

Is it you?

Emma G is proud and excited to embark on a sixteen date tour across the United States of America with accompaniment from accomplished percussionist Joey J Drums and DJ Reality Check during their SUPERHERO tour!

SUPERHERO was written in response to the growing tensions in America during the 2016 election with a noticeable increase of racial conflict within the United States. There has to be a better way. But have no fear! A superhero is coming! And if YOU decide to be your own kind of superhero; by choosing love and compassion over racism and bigotry; that SUPERHERO might just be you!

With support from local acts around the country, this is set to be an incredible tour with merch and music available for sale!


Special guests include: Bellweather Bayou (DC), Planet Nine (DC), Rosie Cima and What She Dreamed (DC), Springbrooke (Philadelphia), YellowTieGuy (DC), Brian Elliot (Philadelphia), Charlotte Morris (NYC), Brian Falduto (NYC), The Darkest Timeline (NYC and DC), Hambone (Portland), Neon Gypsy (Portland), Marcus Kaplan of The Youngerbloods (Portland), Tiffany Harmon (Memphis), Kimia P (Dallas), Stephen Evans (Asheville) and Tommy Yon (Asheville).

For specific event information, head over to the EVENTS tab, or email Emma G via the CONTACT page.

See you soon, superheroes!

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Emma Amiri-Ghaemmaghamy
ERMAGERD! I'm STILL buzzing!!!

It's almost a week later, and I'm STILL on cloud 9 after the INSANE release party and show on Saturday alongside Jonny Grave and Uptown Boys Choir at Dangerously Delicious Pies!

First of all, to everyone who came along; from the bottom of my heart: THANK YOU!
To Jonny and Uptown Boys Choir; THANK YOU for being so damn supportive. If you haven't checked out these bands yet; do it. They're insanely good for the earholes. 
To anyone who hasn't yet been to Dangerously Delicious Pies; it's an incredible music venue, and has the BEST ruddy pies!! (Highly recommend the chocolate and coconut!!)

BUT - even better - the fantastic sound engineer, Nelson, was able to premier the music video for SUPERHERO publicly at the show!



Emma Amiri-Ghaemmaghamy
A Superhero is coming...

A Superhero is coming!!!

And it might be you!

As you may know, I was recently privileged to speak at a youth camp about my upcoming single SUPERHERO, where I asked them what their definition of asuperhero was. The responses were great!

- Someone who puts others before themselves
- A brave person who always fights for what's right
- Someone who is kind and good

We've got some smart kids up in the DMV!! 

My definition is someone who fights bigotry and hatred with love and compassion. Undoubtedly, in today's climate, you'll agree that this is something we need NOW more than ever! So I'm thrilled to be working with The Everyday Weekend on the upcoming music video for the re-recorded, mixed and mastered song SUPERHERO, which will make for quite the exciting video!

Especially as it'll be featuring this young thing!

So make sure you keep September 29th FREE for the official release of SUPERHERO in an exclusive show alongside JONNY GRAVE and UPTOWN BOYS CHOIR at - yes, you guessed it - DANGEROUSLY DELICIOUS PIES!!

(Okay, I know you weren't actually thinking THAT was where the show was going to be, but I'm just saying... it's gonna be pretty epic!!)

Thanks, of course, to all of my patrons for helping with this music video! I couldn't do it without you!! You can join the team too - for as little as $1 - and if you sign up for $5 or more over the next ten days, you'll get a FREE SUPERHERO T-SHIRT!!!


Easy as that!

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SOLD (Take a Shot) Official Video

It’s finally here!

Emma G’s second official music video for SOLD (Take a Shot) has arrived – unfortunately coinciding with the recent discovery of Harvey Weinstein and the numerous allegations of sexual assault and power games, specifically in the entertainment industry.

This song was written, recorded and filmed in direct response to Emma G’s experience with a well known A&R for a record label in Los Angeles, who offered to sign her in exchange for naked pictures… plus some.

To check out the full music video, head to Emma G’s Facebook page HERE!

ALL ROADS LEAD HOME Tour starts now!

I’m excited to announce that I’m now in New Zealand, and about to embark on my ALL ROADS LEAD TO HOME tour in celebration of my debut solo album “Taking Flight”!


And for a sneaky peek at the new album, CHECK IT OUT HERE!!

See you in a week, Aotearoa!