DJ Reality Check is the entity that allows you to leave your problems at the door. With music to make you forget about the world. Music to move you. Music to take you on a journey into remembering how to just be.
That is exactly the reason why multi-instrumentalist Nick Romero established the guise that is DJ Reality Check.

Influenced by the underground House music movement and psychedelic rock music of the 70s, Reality Check’s progressive-electronic sound is both energetic and feel-good with a pinch of euphoric contentment.
“We live in a world of stress; a world that is forever taking – your energy, your sanity, your sense of calm”, says Reality Check. “which is why I want to create music. To give people the time to just free themselves. We all need a reminder sometimes to step out of the crazy and into ourselves. To be present in this moment, where nothing else matters ”.

And with songs like ‘Let Go’ and ‘Won’t Waste No Time’, he achieves his mission perfectly – and America seems to be listening. Having just completed a 35-day/23-show US tour supporting a side project with singer/songwriter Emma G, and percussionist Joey J Drums, DJ Reality Check has been on the tips of everyone’s lips from Vermont to California.

“I make music that hopefully allows people to attach to, and relate to in their own way. I have my own messages I try to portray, but it’s a conversation of ears, hearts and souls, really.”

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Giving Reality a Whole New Meaning…

Available for parties, corporate events, and production.

In March and April alone, DJ Reality Check has performed across the United States; from Washington, DC to Burlington, VT - Asheville, NC to New York City, NY - Memphis, TN to Austin, TX.

DJ Reality Check’s original compositions can be described as a combination of deep house and tribal house that creates a sound both engaging and enjoyable.


February 19: Hotel RL, Brooklyn, NY

February 20: Bossa Bistro, Washington, DC

February 22: Frozen Harbor Festival, Baltimore, MD

March 21: Rockwood Music Hall, NYC

March 22: Hotel RL, Baltimore, MD

March 24: Hotel RL, Baltimore, MD

March 26: Connie’s Ric Rac, Philadelphia, PA

March 28: The Footlight, Queens, NYC

March 29: Parish Public House, Albany, NY

March 30: Dreamaway Lodge, Becket, MA

March 31: Red Carpet Film Premiere event at Hotel Zoso, Palm Springs, CA

April 6: Radio Bean, VT

April 8: Hotel RL, Brooklyn, NY

April 10: The Pie Shop, Washington, DC

April 12: The Crow and Quill, Asheville, NC

April 14: Ghost River Brewing Co., Memphis, TN

April 16: Red Light Cafe, Atlanta, GA

April 20: Opening Bell Coffee, Dallas, TX

April 23: Dozen Street, Austin, TX

April 26: Zapow Art Gallery, Asheville, NC

April 27: Castleburg Brewery, Richmond, VA

April 28: The Wharf, DC and Georgetown French Market, Washington, DC

May 26: Brew at the Zoo, Maryland Zoo, MD

June 2: Herndon Festival, VA